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Hello Guys,

I’ve just got this nice device few days ago. I’m facing just little bit hard to get used to Flyme OS. For now my biggest issue is that almost every applications notifications got delayed. For example facebook messenger. When I recieve a message on facebook notifications won’t come out till i refresh it or sometimes even after that refresh it take some time to get notification. Same is with GMAIL i have to refresh page to get some notification.

I’ve even locked these apps in the miltitasking bar and they have all permisions turned on and they are alowed for everything.

Also I have turned sync on on the Gmail…

Do you have any solution for this, does someone have the same issue?

I didn’t find same topic here.


Meizu MX4 Pro

@dolenmat yes, I had the same Problem, the soloution is to freeze/uninstall the security center (with titanium backup) if you are New to meizu, go in the faq and look for rooting and then install titanium backup and freeze the security center

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@mx4pro Thanks man! Will try it! Hopefully this will help :-)

@mx4pro I’ve deleted security as you’ve recommended. Notification from messenger got delayed again… By almost 15 minutes. I’ve had wifi turned on and I’ve been connected to it and also data was turned on. I didn’t touch phone for almost twenty minutes. Do you think that phone went to some sleep mode? I’ve balanced mode turned on. Do you think this is the issue? Should I downgrade? Hope you will have some good recommendation for me. :) thanks!

@mx4pro nevermind. I will wait and see if there will be some progress. Thanks

Meizu MX4 Pro

@dolenmat maby you shouldnt uninstall the app … only freeze

@mx4pro Maybe… If this issue will be still happening I will try to reinstall flame and then just freeze this app.
Will see . Thanks

Meizu MX4 Pro

@dolenmat yes you could try to reflash your Firmware without clearing data . if you dont know how, look in the faq

@mx4pro Hi, I’ve tried it and it seems to be working good now.
Sometimes msges from messenger got delayed , but it seems to be working better now.
I’ve discovered yet another issue. Sensor for turnign screen of for calls seems to be working all the time. When i have phone turned on and cover this sensor screen goes off even when i’m texting or something like that. Do you think it’s caused by freezing security app?


Meizu MX4 Pro

@dolenmat no surely not, I disabled the security center too and I dont have any bugs or issues at all !

@mx4pro Simply reboot helped here (should have done it at first ). Also notifications seems to be working for now. So hopefully your solution helped here! :+1: Thank you very much again!

Meizu MX4 Pro

@dolenmat cool, no Problem, im glad that it worked :)

Meizu MX4 Pro

Only for sharing one solution I’ve found here, maybe it can be helpful for someone in trouble…
First of all check in the Security app all the permissions for the app that does not work (in Permissions and Power sections) and allow everything.
Then allow also Google Play Services here, always in the Security app:

if you’re lucky, this is gonna solve your problem , as it worked for me. Cheers ;)

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flyme fix the issue for me…i receive the push in time

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