[GUIDE] M2 Notes from A to I firmware ( with workable OTA

For a while 'time, thanks to our guides in this Forum that we follow assiduously, it was possible to transform M2 Notes Meizu software in Asia at the International but with the impossibility of updates Ot in.
Today, thanks to our great modder Paul aka @ BB72 and its tool , we will see how it is possible not only go from version A to I with ease, but with the plus of having the OTA also home Meizu without repeating the procedure every time!
If you follow to the letter all steps you will see that it is easier than the previous guides.
The guide has not been tested with firmware U so better not use it.
@ Grossosh op and @ BB72 do not assume any liability for failures or malfunctions to your smartphone.

The TUTORIAL : link text

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@Üszögh-Dávıd thanks for the grest news! I have checked the link than i disappointed about the text language. Are there any English tutorial about this?

Just use google translate for the tutorial (link text)

Meizu m2 note

Thanks for the link to guide :) I can confirm, that it works now with ota! Just use google translator and imagination.

Worked for me! Thanks for sharing.

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