Flyme 5 experience
Meizu MX4 Pro

Finally meizu updated also the mx4 pro - today theres the first flyme 5 beta version availible!

Please share your opinion :) hows the performance / what do you like / does it have that much bugs / feel free and just post your experience so far :) ill also update soon !!!

Meizu MX4 Pro


The Beta looks so nice and the New Lockscreen with Notification / Wake Up and Cover is Great.
But Whatsapp Notification cant Wake Up the device. I freeze the secutitycenter and the powersaver APP but no Chance :worried:
I hope for the Future it will work :thumbsup:

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Meizu MX4 Pro

@AndiRoid77 thanks for your feedback :) ill try flyme 5 soon ;)

Only bug so far is the alarm not working.
Rest is fine,Flyme 5 is light and smooth, clearly an update both visually and functionally.
Battery life is good, not that much of an upgrade, but it is certainly not worst.
Finally lock screen has notifications.
Missing Dirac HD however, let’s hope someone manages to port Dirac to Flyme 5.


ok… few words so far… i do like how it looks now… more clean UI…
had a problem with installing Google Apps at first
Google Installer 2.0.2 was bad for me. was not been able to download anything. had an download error.
Google Installer 1.4 fixed this issue.
Alarm worked just fine… no idea what wasnt working there for others.

a few problems for myself that i cant find out for to turn off are -
sound when you unlock device
sound when you touch Home button or launching an app or browse settings

EDIT - found how to solve all my problem so far (related to sound feedback of lockscreen and push feedback)

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Meizu MX4 Pro

Very good so far.
The only drawback is the lack of control over those “deep sleep” mode and whatsapp entering that freeze state.
The rest, a real improvement.

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