meizu Music App does not work

I got my Pro 5 today. the Music app does not play any music from meizu server. Any solution? i have much meizu phones before. But this never happened before.

@hightower hi, i have the same problem, i’ve make feedbacks to Meizu but i thing they don’t want to respond honestely. Some say that with flyme 5 outside of China we will not be able to download or stream music, but i don’t know if it is true or not. I have an MX5 on flyme 5 and an MX3 on flyme 4.2, and with my MX3 i can stream and download music.

yes, but all just speculation. But who knows exactly?

What version of Flyme OS do you have?

I can download music, play, etc…

flyme but also under stable firmware it doesn’t run. which firmware do you have?

Flyme OS

Well, you must also remember, that those files (music) are on chinese servers, which are very slow in Europe (I am from Poland).

yes, but i have had never problems before.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@hightower since the 5.x Versions of the music app it doesnt work anymore, I buyed my phone when the newest Version was 4.x I guess and if I install the old music apk it does work again… so It seems that they blocked Europe users or so … btw. i have a mx4 pro I dont know If you can downgrade your music app as easy as I can…

any Chance to downgrade the music app to 4.0 ?


And how do you downgrade? only the music app or the hole firmware of the phone?

@mx4pro I don’t agree.

I have Flyme OS and Music App works fine…

Meizu MX4 Pro


no only the app Version, I dont if this works on your phone

No, I live in Poland ;p
And phone rooted/no doesn’t change anything.

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