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Hello guys,

I have a strange problem happened today. So yesterday İ was charging my Mx5 as usual it get full so i put it out but the charger was on socket still with Eu plug adapter than later i heard some cracky noise from plug so i did not get suspected i just plug out . Today when I try to charge it again i saw it is not working at all. So I blame the EU adapter and disassembled it. but it seems fine anyway it is some technical stuff I am not expert but I am scared that charger get crack. I can not try another Eu adapter while I do not have it. Tomorrow I will go to shop and try new one but my curiosity will kill me so I wanted to ask if any of you had the same problem or not. Also I am charging right now from PC by USB. Can I use some random charger just 1A ex. Nexus 4 charger. And I do not believe I will find some charger with the exactly same spec but what kind of spec you using for your chargers? (the ones who using not meizu china charger but bought from somewhere else)


Thank you so much already for your understand and fast responds.

Best Regards.

you can use any charger (not literally ANY piece of junk ). if its not 5v 2a it’s not going to be a fast charger but it should work.
there’s no “sepcs” for chargers. make sure they’re 5v and 2a and they’re the same as your meizu one ( maybe get a dual usb one while you’re at it if you need it )
i am using an EU adapter to charge my phone but luckily nothing bad happened yet. i don’t recommend using adapters as they can be somewhat dangerous but if it aint broke dont fix it imo :D

I had a similar problem. The issue was an inferior adapter that did not fit in the plug hole perfectly. Rather, it would fit in some power points OK but in others it would be slightly loose. A better quality adapter ensures no disconnections and crackling noise. I do use other phone chargers to charge the phone regularly though, all of which are a lesser power rating. Charges fine, just takes longer.

Ok the problem is on charger it’s burn out I believe the new adapter giving electric to another Chinese plugs.

Any recommendations for charger?

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