My Pro 5 does not start again, no response. Everything's black. Please help.

Hi All,

I was on ‘Flyme OS test’ and downloaded yesterday the for the ‘ test’ from here and updated like I have done two times before w/o clear data. Battery was at around 70%.

  1. all works fine; after updating apps it booted up normally and congratulates my for updating;

  2. I set root permissions again and after that it was booting up automatically again -> still everything fine;

  3. I rebooted the phone manually just to be sure everything is fresh -> after starting up it shows me that there is no SIM inserted;

  4. to get rid of the virtually missing SIM I rebooted manually again, and after shutdown it happens: my Pro 5 do NOT start again.

  5. I tried every button, but nothing happened.

  6. after a few times plugging and unplugging to/from charger the creen shows battery signal(63%) and I try to start up which shows response -> looks good in the beginning, but it did not start up (hang up at starting) and the flyme balloon was not turning smooth (stucked sometimes)

  7. after about 8 minutes I turned of by pressing ON/OFF, since then it never started up again.

Today I tried sometimes to turn on by pressing all different buttons, but nothing happened. After I while I tried one more and recognized that the phone is palpable warm, but not hot. After 5-6 hours I cooled down again.
But finally: After 6. I was not able to turn screen even partially on again. :-(

Does anyone have any idea how I could solve this problem and what may happened?
I bought my Pro 5 32GB less then a month ago via

I’m happy for any idea and try how to solve.

@fixedwheel you cant even go to recovery?

recovery is started with ‘volume up + power’ here too, right?
-> no response to that combination!

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@fixedwheel I don’t have my phone yet, but i guess so

a.) Is there any change to get this repaired under warranty by [I have rooted my phone.]

and if the answer to a.) is no:

b.) Any chance to get this repaired by opening and e.g. unplugging battery? Does anybody know if there is a teardown of the Pro 5?

THX in advance!


That will be hard. Write your seller first and ask him what to do.

If Honorbuy cares they will help you. Otherwise it will be very hard to fix the device by yourself (issue is not related to the battery).

OK, thanks. I will write honorbuy.

But you do not assume that this is related to the firmware update, right?
Just thinking of preventing others and making a note at the firmware-thread…


@fixedwheel I never heard of a bricked device due to one of our firmwares (we only mirror the official ones).

Sounds good. And out of the history of my problem (worked well after restart) also assume that this is not firmware related.

@fixedwheel I hope you get it fixed without many hassles.

@shahrooz can you boot into fastboot holding power and volume- ? If succesful you should see the screen light up and display only black background

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sadly not.
I think I tried now every combination of pressing buttons - also including the additional home button!
-> no response at all. :-(

Meizu Pro 5

how it works with the email to honorbuy?
they helped you?
in your country and city may you’ll find help by any “indian repair cellulars store”, in portugal/lisbon is a good place to repair…

@smarq They were pretty friendly and helpful and i had to show them pictures and videos where they can see the phone doesn’t response to any input. After that they gave me the adress of their EU warehouse where i have to send the phone. After about 3 weeks I can see that the phone arrived in china yesterday. So let’s see how they proceed…

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