Best Accessories Supplier

Specifically I am looking for the best quality waterproof shockproof dust proof case.

Does anyone have experience with reliable retailers/manufacturers?

Also is replacement screen glass available from a retailer?

From what I can see, the closest thing to what I’m looking for would be the Luphie cases made especially for MX5, a fully enclosed solution providing some splash protection, dust protection and shock protection. The glass screen of the box appears to sit right on top of the phone’s screen. Videos of Luphie cases for other phones on youtube show no impeding of functionality of the touchscreen. Anybody comment?

I cannot find waterproof varieties of the R-Just cases or Simon cases. I have the basic Gundam R-Just case. It is basically just a metal border for the phone. I don’t think it provides much protection at all. By the way, the ones being sold on EBay are NOT waterproof OR dustproof. Don’t be fooled like I was.

EDIT: Sorry turns out on closer inspection the Luphie cases have a tempered glass backing. The edge of the metal frame rises just above the phone’s screen. There is in fact no enclosure of the front.

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