Meizu m2 hangs randomly

Hello everybody,
I just got a Meizu m2 mini for a friend of mine and she is having a few issues with it.
Firstly the phone randomly hangs on the lock screen. The screen does turns on and off and displays the lock screen, but the phone cannot be unlocked and the touchscreen is non responsive. This problem can happen 2-3 times a day or not at all and i can’t seem to pinpoint a cause for it.
Secondly, the notification bar sometimes behaves strangely. When you drag it down it begins flashing and does not display any icons on it and when you drag it completely it is black. If you pres in the area where the icons would normally be, the now invisible icons can be pressed and respond accordingly. This problem seems to be connected with the Du battery saver and Du speed booster apps that came preinstalled. If i force stop them both the notification menu is normal again. Also the notification menu gets back to normal if i just lock and unlock the phone. the Flyme version is .I am from Romania and got the phone from a retailer here.
I did not reset the phone to factory.
Has anyone experienced something similar, or do you have any suggestions on fixing it? Also, can the Du battery and booster apps be uninstalled in some way?
Thanks in advance !

I would recommend you update your phone to (A) firmware. I had (U) firmware too but it was crap. I just downloaded the (A) firmware, put the in the phone root, boot in recovery, clear data and install
After that you also get rid of most of the unwanted apps.

After installing (A) you can also upgrade to (I) international firmware (with Romana language). See:

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Hello again, problem seems to be solved now after installing the Flyme A version

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