Mokee Rom for Meizu MX4 PRO 5.1.1 Android

Mokee Rom for Meizu MX4 pro 5.1.1 Android

Install per Twrp

Rom :

Only start using the TWRP Rom install, reboot and Rom, then back into TWRP
and install the Gapps and the Gaaps faceunlock

Gapps :

Gapps Faceunlock:

Have fun trying the ROM, runs totally good, the sound is too :)

can you show “screenshot” ?? how about DIRAC HD sound still there ??

aomeone test it ? how everything is working? some bugs list ?

Sound is great, bugs I have not gotten to grants with , Xposed is not about instalation , otherwise the Rome running super stable

I’m testing the rom still himself , runs to grants still stable , sound problems , there is no , am up grants satisfied . Excuse my English is not so good

hier ien paaar Scrennshoots - share DEINE Bilder - share DEINE Bilder - share DEINE Bilder - share DEINE Bilder

I have all day with mokee rom and is amazing, fast, estable y smooth. But is alarm not sound, gps dont work well all time asked for permission.

@fiskersc IT’S AMAZING… too bad it doesn’t work :unamused:

Camera goes well . GPS is also and the sound is great too :) These are my experiences with the rom. installiert from flyme Version 4.5.7a to mokee Rom

only by FlyMe v.4.5.7 . then install version Mokee per TWRP

I only found one problem with GPS, the rest of rom look very good :D

this is based on tatauyukis work on omnirom so everything is technically the same (bugs)
I really dont see why anyone would prefer this version over the omnirom or cm variant

Meizu MX4 Pro

the speaker sound works great but the headset sound is very noisy (sharp sound). do you have such problem?

P.S can be AudioFX program the cause?

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