Can gallery app show videos?

Hello all,
I have problem with video files on my Meizu Pro 5 with Flyme 5 os. The problem is when I record new videos they show up in gallery, but old ones dont. I have tryed to rename my folder on SD card where videos are stored but still they dont show up in gallery app, only in videos app.
Since videos that I take with Meizu camera can show up in gallery app, there must be a way to display other videos too in the same app.
Does anybody else have this problem?

When you open gallery app you must enter tab “Gallery”. There they should be (in my phone they are ) :)

Thank you Tymcio for your answer but when I open gallery app and go to gallery tab no videos are shown except for the recorded ones. Can you please tell me where are your videos stored? On phone or on the SD card and what is the name of your video folder. I have tried with “Video”, “Videos” and “Movies” and nothing. I had same issue with music files. They didnt show up in music app, but when I have renamed the folder from “My Music” to “Music” audio files showed up.

Ok, you’re right. Videos that aren’t from my camera records are not displayed in gallery.
Only in Video -> My videos -> Local video.

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