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The following message pop ups all the time, and it is very annoying!

Please disable your adblocker!
Without advertisements, we cannot survive.

C’mon… I won’t click on advertisement. I won’t even tried to see what is about the advertisement. So why the admin put that script?

It won’t change anything, for the admin even if i disable the adblock (which i won’t). With that annoying message all the time to pop up when i press anything on the forum, the only solution is to close the webpage without read…

I think more people think like me!!!

Is really so important to have that script on the forum? You don’t earn something if we don’t click on the ads, so why do you have that script installed ???

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@kailor why do you complain about it, when you say that you won’t click em anyway?

It’s a big forum and needs good hardware to run on. Meizu doesn’t give a fuck about Meizu fans, so doesn’t support the page at all with money. ( Neither do they offer an alternative.)

If you have a better idea to scratch together money and pay the monthly bills, please share it. You can donate too.

The little money the advertising gets, is used to keep the page running!

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Wait, wait, wait.

@kailor, it is PROHIBITED to make you click on advertisments. This is also stated in the Google AdSense ToS, which we strictly apply to.
But we earn money over impressions, so already if you look at them. I can understand the annoyance about the advertisments, but the site is not cheap to run, especially when you consider its unstopable growth.

Just yesterday we set another massive traffic record, which underlines this fact.
And as we already lost money it is important to us to avoid any further loss. Otherwise I can simply shutdown Meizufans, because I can no longer afford the hosting for it. A new system being able to deal with the new traffic would range around 150-200€ a month, which is completely out of reach if we do not earn more than a two digit amount (I am not allowed to name clear numbers either).

Also you do not disable the AdBlocker here for me, but for the others as well. By allowing the display of ads you contribute your financial part to the site and therefore its developement.

And I would even lose 50% of my traffic by using Anti-AdBlockers I would still keep it. Simply because AdBlockers convert the internet to a place of “privileged people”, who can afford hosting and all other running costs.

To come to a point:
I will not remove this script from the forum.
Otherwise we might face the risk to become unable to act in aspects of developement and improvement of the site.

If I would really be so “commercially” orientered, I would have filled the site up with reload-less popunders by now (I tried that once as AdSense alternative). Generating over 2500$ a month.
Thats what I call profitable.

But to be honest, there will be a change in the current course, which will introduce a partial commercialisation of the site. This sounds worse than it is though. The site will remain 100% for free, but we then will also collect more anonymous data (NOT OVER GOOGLE OR ANY OTHER 3RD PARTY!!!) allowing us to place advertisments more efficient. With these changes we will target for the first time higher 3 and even 4 digit incomes.
Which will be fully used to improve Meizufans further and faster than it currently is the case.

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Meizu m2 note

Ok. I see something that I didn’t know. I thought that the ads system was working only when you press it. I didn’t know it’s working on impressions.

My mistake. And i didn’t know also that the costs are too high.


@kailor it is not a problem.
Actually I now realize that there might be people who do not know these facts.

Time to write an announcement somewhere next week.

The script was changed. It’s not only CLOSE button, but countdown at the moment. Impossible not to disable ad-block. Thanks. So maybe at least try for the donation users improve the app so it will be usable enough to reply to posts and ad-free… Suggestion.


@boober78 this is a wanted change, which will convert to a permanent block at the end of the year.

And there is no way that the site will ever become ad free, simply because of AdBlock users (we could reduce the amount of ads then).
As I have explained in the shoutbox hosting is everything else than cheap.
Additionally no one donated in the last 2 months, the income generated by donations is so low, it does not even covers 1/8 of the costs.

Meizufans serves over 42.000 visitors a day, causing a monthly a total traffic of 55TB. (5TB my main site, 50TB firmware server).
To compensate this we have moved already to a more efficient scripting language (which does not gets offered by ANY shared hoster).
Therefore we relly to 100% on dedicated systems (site itself runs in a VM).

But most importantely again is the fact that you DO NOT turn the AdBlocker for me.
All the money generated by AdSense is reinvested.

And before there are more questions about the sites cost:
13.10.2015 18678428 18,84 EUR 22,42 EUR
01.10.2015 18645515 24,18 EUR 28,78 EUR
08.09.2015 18566842 15,68 EUR 18,66 EUR
01.09.2015 18538484 23,62 EUR 28,11 EUR
25.08.2015 18478710 6,85 EUR 8,16 EUR
18.08.2015 18469434 6,31 EUR 7,51 EUR
03.08.2015 18434586 14,28 EUR 16,99 EUR
01.07.2015 18324459 14,28 EUR 16,99 EUR
02.06.2015 18219445 14,28 EUR 16,99 EUR
04.05.2015 18112542 14,28 EUR 16,99 EUR
01.04.2015 18005860 14,28 EUR 16,99 EUR
02.03.2015 17894819 14,28 EUR 16,99 EUR
02.02.2015 17792312 14,28 EUR 16,99 EUR
05.01.2015 17691654 14,28 EUR 16,99 EUR


02.12.2015 KSFR265848 OVH Account 11.89 €
16.11.2015 KSFR251030 OVH Account 17.84 €
01.08.2015 KSFR195827 OVH Account 5.94 €
01.07.2015 KSFR181504 OVH Account 5.94 €
01.06.2015 KSFR167174 OVH Account 5.94 €
01.05.2015 KSFR153781 OVH Account 5.94 €
01.04.2015 KSFR140237 OVH Account 5.94 €
Setup: 2x 11,99€
1 VPS: 9,50€
1 VPS: 7,10€


10$ ~ 9€


2x 10€
1x 5€


20$ ~ 18€


25$ ~ 20€

Total: 427,15€

And one more server bill is missing. Which means a total of 460€ (38.333€ a month).
Compared to that we have earnt 389,13€ (32,4275€ a month).

Basically these 70€ are a little painful for me as I am a student, but even more painful is the fact that the site requires MORE ressources and therefore costs MORE money.

Then this 70€, will become 500€ (if I didn’t made any mistakes in the calculations).
A server system featuring a load balancer and allowing us still to handle 500.000 req/s in Redis will cost at least 150€.
Now lets put it into relation to the income (5% growth of it added), we would spent 1800€ in servers.
While we earn 410€. Now explain me how I am supposed to compensate these 1390€ with 17 years.

I still go to school and also want to study after I finished my A-Levels and not work in McDonalds to pay off my debt.

What is missing in the above calculation is the firmware server, which is extremely overloaded as well, but that would be a relatively cheap position (50€ for an improved one), unless you want a 300GB/s download.

And this leds to the main flaw with AdBlock users. You convert the internet into a place for privileged people. People who are either rich as fuck or simply have no visitors at all.

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I would have thought that your Flosmall sponsor deal easily would be able to cover the 40€ monthly cost. Did you give them too good a deal? Maybe you should renegotiate your contract ;)


Here in the previous message we got a proper explanation, at least in my eyes. However if something is still unclear to some of our users, please talk. We all got the freedom of speech here. I personally, and Rey (by knowing him I can say on his behalf) would love to hear any of your thoughts and ideas - no matter positive or negative. What we need is constructive discussion and also the will to understand.

About AdBlocker - back in the days (years ago) I used it for some time as well. Of course it is a relieving feeling to get rid of all those annoying bouncy ads. After some time however, getting known to website and hosting business I soon realized something. Hosting, dat shit costs money. On behalf of some sites turning non-functional (due to adblocking) I realized that in most cases, the only way to finance the hosting was the ads. I was young and it honestly felt not right to use my favorite sites and their services without bringing anything back. I made an exception for my favorite sites to help them simply stay up - to help and care for my own part.

I remember this soon becaming the rule of thumb in the AdBlocking “Scene”: add an adblock exception if you find the site helpful and/or like it in any way. An extremely wise rule, in my opinion. Keep your ads on to help the sites you like, but if you honestly think some website host can f_ck off, keep your adblocker on and don’t help them. And from the host’s perspective, isn’t it rightful to take revenge on this kind of user and say f_ck off back to them by restricting the site for them (as otherwise they would only cost you traffic, money and “molest” your site and services)? I would say so…

Any thoughts?


@generationally Flos Mall and Meizufans agreed to a 5 month contract. Therefore we got a 500$ device (including taxes and shipping).

And still, these 40€ are far away from covering the amount we actually need.

@boober78, the app will be updated on the weekend.

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So we have even more ads now??? See the example below. There is one two-line post surrounded by 4 ads now!! So we now also have ads in the middle of our posts.

Is it going to stay like that or is it just a trial?

0_1450107409059_Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 17.34.07.png

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@Rey since today I have massive problems with ads… theyre covering nearly every post! I cant read acctually 50% of all posts because theyre hidden by ads…

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@mx4pro said:

@Rey since today I have massive problems with ads… theyre covering nearly every post! I cant read acctually 50% of all posts because theyre hidden by ads…

I’m seeing the exactly same thing on the mobile version :(

It seems to be happening when the ads are tall. I hope it gets fixed soon…


thanks for reporting, that thing looks pretty nasty ;)


WTF… for me it works flawlessly.

Got to check the code.

@generationally, as of now yes, but I will most likely adjust the second post ad to be less “aggressive” by using a text based ad.

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