FB Messenger Floating Heads Bug

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Hey I got a problem with a “dancing” floating heads. I didn’t know how else to call it. I’ve recorded it so you can watch the video of the “dance” or whatever.
I was a Beta tester so I thought maybe that was the problem. So I uninstalled the beta version and installed the stable one - the bug remained.
I tried reinstalling, restarting, but the bug has still remained.
It happens generally when checking another app (like Instagram, as you may seen below in the video)
Anyway, it bothers me a bit and I just came here to look for some solution. So if you got one, please tell me! :)
My system version is the latest (Fyme OS


Meizu m2 note

I have exactly the same problem. Did you fix it? It’s really annoying and it started just about few days ago.
Hower, I figured out that messenger heads are blinking until you call for you keyboard on the other app that’s running on. Once the keyboard is launched messenger head stops blinking on top of the running app, but then after new actions the problem occurs again.
My system version is FlymeOS 4.5.3U.
Does anyone have any solution?

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Same here, it’ annoying

When i updated my fb messenger from the app store. The floating chat head started to blink. 😢
Then i went to the settings>apps> fbmessenger then clear cache and data. And i uninstalled it. Then i install the fb messenger app from the play store. The blinking didnt occur again. 🙌 yey


Haha, that’s a funny bug :D

Meizu MX5

I cant delete or edit my previous post … unfortunately this method didnt work for me … Still blinking :(

@phluid01 it works for me. 😃 mine doesn’t blink anymore

Meizu MX5

the strange thing is , that only if i’m using another launcher instead of Flyme … i;m using Nova launcher …

Started happening to me as well… Seems like its more of app itself issue since it did not happen before.

Yea, its messegner… New version is bad… Downgrade it to version 49.

I’ve already reported it to Flyme OS :)
It happens also on Meizu MX4 ;p

I’m glad but sad at the same time about the fact that lots of people have the same problem. So I see the only suggested solution here is either clean data+cache+uninstall or downgrade Messenger. I’ve tried only re-installing. Gonna try cleaning first, because I don’t really like to downgrade anything. Now I am using Messenger with Floating heads switched off - no problems but it’s a bit impractical to switch from an app to the Messenger one.

Well deleting cache etc didn’t help at all… So, anyone’s got a solution yet?
And also wanna say Merry Christmas to you guys!

@Alabeo said:

Yea, its messegner… New version is bad… Downgrade it to version 49.

This worked

I can confirm it’s definitely either the fault of Flyme OS or Messenger itself. I’ve just reinstalled+wiped my phone (changed from A ver. to I), installed messenger again and wow guess what the floating head was still acting insane.

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