Screen is black

@Alexey-Gaponov Looks like you have a flat battery.

Google on how to revive a flat battery.

But to start with try the basic: charge it, plug out and in, check the temperature of the phone… just desperately try to get some juice into the phone! Use different chargers and different cables.

I think that If the battery would be a flat, I could not turn on the phone when it is not charging.
However, in despite of non-functioning display it seems that phone is working.
So, you think this is not display problem?


@Alexey-Gaponov I don’t know exactly, there isn’t enough information to know.

But a flat battery can give you the impression of … having a dead phone or partly dead phone.
Try to cure a flat battery and if that doesn’t work, let us know and figure out something :)

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