Meizu M2 Note Bricked

Hi my freinds
i have a m2 note
at now it bricked and died plz help me
i cant copy rom on my sd for upgrade from recovery
and cannot flash systemy files from fastboot - bootloder is lock
and cannot flash rom with sp flashtools
Possible solution to the problem he tell me ?


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Hello, What did you do to your phone? Get more into detail. And what is still working.

And yes the boot-loader is locked! We all know this! This is old news.

Flashing custom rom’s on a Meizu wont get you far, as long you did not unlock the boot-loader.

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i cool work for change packge phone chine to inter at terminal but my sister restart phone and now just i have a international on sd and cant update inter with half change pack
and i have 1gig recovery when conect phone with pc on recovery
any way for fix or at now no ?;(((
i see all topic this problem you said phone full brick :(
any way anyyyy ?


@master-of-joint Read the F.A.Q. The link is in my signature.

I still don’t know what you did! As you still not described it.

Try to enter the recovery: VOLUME UP + POWER

  • connect the phone to the PC
  • copy the on the recovery drive
  • select clear data
  • update now

Thanks For Answer
I did not do it earlier
I must first delete international on sd an after recovery can read on recovery partion
i how can delet erase file on sd ?


@master-of-joint just try what you were just told to do.

Report back if this doesn’t work. All you need to know was written down. It doesn’t matter what you do with the on your sd card.

Hi,I made a mistake and flash firm from m1 note.
No connection to phone. no recovery.

yes it briked. may i restor it? uart?

when i connect to pc it try to install preloader? but then down. and repeat

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where can I order the motherboard and how much is it?


The costs will vary.
Simply check AliExpress for a motherboard, usually they should have it.

matters letters to the version of the motherboard .
My dev. m571U


@kitsune basically not. However, I would still go for one made for the M571U, then nothing can go wrong.

thx) i hope find it) good luck to you!

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