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hello everyone,
I’ve just recived a new mx5 (international)
and i cant seem to set a live wallpaper,
help please

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Meizu MX4 Pro

@amit on which flyme Version are you ? I think this bug is related to flyme mabye they will fix it soon

i am on flyme i,
Whenever i pick the live wallpaper i want and i press setting, i dont get the option to choose it as a lockscreen/background , insted it just goes back to the live wallpaper screen…

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Meizu MX4 Pro

@amit hmmm pretty strange… I dont own a mx5 but on my mx4 pro live wallpapers work… if you cant live without it you could reflash your Firmware but I think its rather because of flyme so its not worth to spend that much time on reflashing your firmware

do you think a factory reset will do somthing?

I contacted meizu and they said its not availble for mx5 international , i downgraded flyme an it worked,i set a live wallpaper, and then i upgraded back, and now the live wallpaper i already set works great but i cant change it to any other live wallpaper…flyme blocked intentionlly…
thanks anyway…


I have the same problem with the same flyme
How to solve this? Do I have to downgrade to what version and how to do it ? Is it trully required ?
I must mention that I don’t have any live wallpaper offered on my MX5.

Thank you for your help.

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