I switched to Meizu recently and I’m new to Flyme OS. One thing is really annoying me - the color of text in the notification panel:
The text is grey, the background is also grey sometimes because it’s blured and it’s very hard to read the text when I am outside in the sun.

Is there any way to change the text color (to white for example). I’ve got root and Xposed so I checked Flyme Tools but there isn’t any option to change it. I’ve also tried Xblast Tools but it only manages to change na color of the /notification time/ at the right. Xblast is intended for original android so can’t blame it.
Is there any other way? Some app, module or just editing some files in the system? I remember editing framework.apk when I used to have Moto G and it went well. Can I do something like this in Flyme?

Thanks in advance.

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