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Volume button only controls media volume. how can i change this to control ringer volume?

@demstav you can’t

IS there an app for that?

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yes, it is - its called flyme tools, you need xposed for it

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@mx4pro you know what sucks!! In Flyme 5 they removed it, stupid Flyme developers!!!

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@Ultrametric said:

@mx4pro you know what sucks!! In Flyme 5 they removed it, stupid Flyme developers!!!

Are you talking about the Volume pull-down menu that @mx4pro showed? That has never been part of Flyme but is a feature of the 3rd party FlymeTools extension.

So you cannot blame Meizu for removing something that was never there ;) But it would be great to have this functionality as part of Flyme without needing to use 3rd party Xposed extensions :)

I wrote about it to Flyme OS devs, they said that they will think about option to select what you want to do while clicking volume buttons :)


@generationally yes I was talking about it :)

how do we install this xposed extensions?

Meizu MX4 Pro

@demstav I think here on this forum is aleready a topic about flyme tools and also about xposed just search the forum (or for General information use google:) ) but it works only for flyme 4!!!

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well, i am starting to regret bying the pro 5

If you’re on a Chinese version of the pro 5 then forget about Flyme Tools. The whole app shows in Chinese…

I just can’t find where can I add this volume feature in Flyme Tools, there’s a download section in Flyme Tools but it’s all in Chinese (I’m using a global rom).

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