[ROM] Meizu MX4 - Flyme 5
Meizu MX4

Flyme 5 full working leaked from emmaus.pro :

CN or EN

If you are able to unpack and repack lollipop rom:
you can change the language from build.prop, but at first boot you need to untouch the language on wizard, only push “next”, settings are only in english or cn. :+1:

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Scatterfle is incorrect

If you’re afraid of flashing it, just flash system.img :)

@Naphta : Can you do daily OTAs with root and custom recovery without problems ?

My antutu (v6) is 41876 on this rom, will try to upload screenshots.
One problem is that play store show “can’t download app” when i try to install any app from it
I fixed the play store issue, did another antutu test while the phone was a little bit cooler : 0_1449365308544_S51206-245325.jpg

I didn’t encounter any bug for now, I really like how multitasking is now, simple things like that made me switch from flyme 4 to cm but this beta of flyme 5 is in my opinion better than the unoptimized cm12.1 port we have…

I personally really like the direction flyme 5 is taking

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Meizu MX4

Just to note: this overwrites custom recoveries so be sure to remove the recovery-from-boot.p file and the install-recovery.sh file

oh and on setup you can uncheck automatic updates just to be sure that nothing bricks your phone.

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So doing OTAs isn’t safe right ?

@furious.builder Yes, it will brick your phone if you have an ulocked bootloader (i don’t know if it’s possible to flash this rom with a locked bootloader)

It’s possible only if your IMEI is allowed, thanks for the info, I wasn’t sure that OTAs relock bootloader

Meizu MX4

Did anyone get the play store to work? It keeps on crashing when I attempt to login…

Edit: it wasn’t working because I installed google keyboard before google services…

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