problem with the connection to the computer meizu mx4 pro

when I connect meizu mx4 pro to the computer does not display or drivers to be installed or the storage of the mobile space. Only charge the device. Please help me.
Sorry for my English!

It can be drivers related like said @Dimitrive but it can also be hardware related, try with another cable, I had the same problem with a MX5, it was just charging but nothing appears on the PC it was due to a damaged cable, all is working fine now with a new one :)

I assume you know that the phone needs to be unlocked in order to be available in Windows (meaning you have to use the fingerprint or the protection code, after you plug in the cable). Also when you connect the cable, you should have several options in your notification bar (make sure you choose CONNECTED AS MEDIA DEVICE, not CHARGE ONLY).

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