disabling LED notification

I need a way to disable LED notification on MX5 . Firmware .
Two menus are missing on this one.

  1. Wifi hotspot menu is missing from the top drop down menu
  2. LED notification is missing from the config

Now i need #2 solved . This has been draining a lot of battery over night.
Not only that, its annoying to have a light blinking at night.

I have tried to download multiple light apps, none of them seems to take effect.
e.g. Light Flow.

Which other version has the light function ?
If possible I would rather keep all my local folders and apps installation in tact …

Meizu MX4 Pro

@henrywma as far as I know the led cannot be disabled but im sure that the battery drain isnt caused by the led

0_1449354918568_S51205-232557-001.jpg 0_1449354938680_S51205-232614.jpg

but you could enable DND mode (it will block all incomming notifications

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