Meizu MX4 vs MX4 Pro

Hi, I dont know , which meizu buy. Please advise me
On Meizu I would like watch films, game. Sorry, My english is baad

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@Jiricek-96 Get what’s cheaper, but the MX4 Pro if you can.

It just comes down to the price… you should add your budget and where you would like to buy the phone from.

I got bored of my fingerprint sensor on mx5 quickly so i would suggest going for mx4 since youre paying less. highly doubt there will be any performance differences.

I would like buy meizu on aliexpress.
I do not care if buy meizu mx4 pro or meizu mx4.
2k display attracts me, but I don’t know if is meizu mx4 PRO good on games. I saw on youtube games on meizu mx4 pro and it was nothing much.

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@Jiricek-96 don’t buy it from Aliexpress, both phones aren’t produced since a while!

It’s very likely that you buy a refurbished phone from Aliexpress.

Get the MX4 pro, the 1gb of extra RAM is crucial for android 5.0+.

Buy Pro. Better SoC, better battery, better sound and additional RAM is always good to have.

is there any different in size or design… I own mx4 , thingking to buy the tough casing only build for mx4 pro. can it fit to normal mx 4

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