Dirac HD Sound

Hi guys,
do you know why in the last version of music player Dirac HD sound function is Disabled?

What I know is they did the same thing in the MX5 pro as well. So it’s not a marketing strategy…And after updating to the Flyme 5 you won’t be able to downgrade the Music App…

Omg… why? This Meizu make lot of nosense things… All users love this feature and they delete it…


@MrBrown94 Yup… Unfortunately. They’re messing up with their own business here. I wish they would realize it after some sales drops - but as we know they now have a deal of publishing multiple devices every year, so… Most likely game over for the hope of any sense.

I guess their contract with company that provided director feature ended and they didn’t renew it so they had to remove it from the phones.
I don’t think dirac was any good anyway.

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