Meizu MX4 speaker doesn´t work

Hello everyone!

Lets see if you can help me with this…

I ordered a spare camera protectorfor my phone because my one was broken. I´ve changed it and turned the phone off. Since I´ve turned it on , I can not hear any sound, listening to music or watching videos or anything (Only with headphones on).
The speaker works properly and if I call anyone the person can hear me.

I´ve tried a couple of times what I read on the forum (Turn the phone off, put off the SIM card and turn it on again), but the sound is still not working.

Could you give me any advice, please? I´ve attached a picture of the back of the phone, for you to tell me what the speaker is and if I should clean or replace any piece.

Thanks a lot!

Back of the phone

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I have the same problem on my MX4 since yesterday ! It’s very disturbing !
Someone managed to find a solution ? Or it’s probably a hardware problem ?..


I would try to reconnect the speaker first, if it does not works you should consider buying a replacement from Alibaba or Taobao.
In worst cause it could be the audio chip being broken.

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Without reason, and not knowing why … The speaker re-work again. I didn’t touch it, and the next day that has worked ! Ok… :ok_hand:

Have the same problem. Seems to be a electric contact issue. If I press a certain point on the bottom backside, the speaker works again. I managed the problem by leaving out 3 screws to get more pressure on that point and put another layer of paper between the backcover :-/ . Works for now.

Hi, I’m having the same kind of problem. The speakers are working only if I make some pressure on the back part of phone. Could I ask you which kind of material I could use for make pressure inside the phone? (i.e. aluminium foil)

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