can't root

cant root after updating from a firmware to i my phone originally came with i firmware anyway i opened system privileges but it doesnt help

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@oded-azulay log in to your Flyme account.

If that doesn’t help update + clear data from recovery

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did that already
i log in open system privileges but supersu still not working
i can root with a firmware but then i have many issues with google play

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@oded-azulay did you try different versions of super su?

What do you mean with Google issues?

@Ultrametric at first i couldn’t download anything from the playstore
{error retrieving information from server . {rpc:s-7:aec-7
and after i fixed that i couldn’t use any google app like gmail
and yes i have tried other super users non work when im on i firmware

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solved by installing A firmware and opening system privileges
and afterwards installing I firmware using method 2 of this guide:


@oded-azulay There is a very simple fix for the error you described, a google research or a search in the forum would have helped you, fix all gapps within 5 minutes :P

i have solved the google play downloading error
but then i could not use any google app {unknown google play error} or something

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Remove your Google account, go to Settings, Apps, open Google Play Services and Uninstall Updates. Do the same for Google+ and Google Play, maybe all other Google apps.

Reboot, create again your Goovle account and let it automatically update all gapps

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