[HOW-To] HiFi audio in custom apps

Its my first post :)
I find this solution on other polish forum.
How to run HiFi audio on spotify or another music apps :)

  1. First we need root on phone and any root browser.
  2. Open root browser and go to system -> etc -> audio_hifi.conf
  3. You see all applications that use audio HiFi
    you just need to add the name of application on the end of list
    its look like: package com.spotify.music, “package” always must be first.
  4. You can check name of application for mx4pro in data -> app for pro 5 data -> data
  5. write file and check permissions it must be 0644 rw–r--r
  6. restart phone and you have HiFi mode enabled for other app than flyme music player :D

Sorry for my english

Just gave this a try and I don’t notice any difference. Unless I’m doing something wrong? Tried with Shuttle+

the stock music app have hifi audio?

@Guta yes, that would be ridicules to not have it on stock app

Thanks for your post!

What do you mean with point 5. “write file and check permissions it must be 0644 rw–r–r” ?
Can you explain me how can I write file and check permission. I use root browser on rooted Pro 5 with Flyme 4.5
Otherwise the equalizer and the Dirac HD sound is active (in Music app) to me when I use Tidal HIFI or Spotify and sounds great without any change.


Made it sticky.

@drbaloghcs it’s just basic linux shell :P

If you want to have the permissions of a file it’s
ls -l

and to change the permissions it should be
chmod 0644 “file-name”

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Meizu MX4 Pro

What is in FlyMe5?
I have the feeling the sound in other apps is the same :flushed:

@drbaloghcs I used ES File Explorer:

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The ones with the little blue tick are the folders you want. When it comes to checking the permissions just long press the file you want and hit “properties”…

To add an app you need to go to " data" then “app” and choose which one you want to add to the audio_hifi.conf list and just long press and touch the rename option to find out the name of the app.

As an example, if you want to add YouTube to the .conf
package com.google.android.youtube

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Sorry. Didn’t know that was a thing.

@ShadowOfDeth Thank you so much for your help! Now I can select the Line Out when I listening to Tidal HiFi via external amp (Oppo HA-2). Nice and understandable post!

@drbaloghcs No worries. Have you noticed much of a sound quality boost?

maybe you cad add an examples for youtube, soundcloud, etc. it would be great


The bottom few are the apps I added. When it comes to checking the name of the app you’ll probably see some ending in “-1” or something. Just delete that if copy pasting.

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