error google play store

hi , i’ve update to and do clear data, so after i’ve reinstall google installer from app center.
but when i try to install every app from play store i’ve this error : 0_1449078370070_S51202-184241.jpg

so what can i do? i’ve try everything, clear cache on play store, play services, disconnect and reconnect my google account, reboot my device etc etc but nothing…

do you help me?



If this doesn’t help you:

Then you have to google for a solution (and share the result here please) It’s a problem of gapps.

nothing, now after do every step of that tutorial if i open play store it says : “Check your connection and retry” but if i press retry i’ve again same error

Forgot u wifi connection and remove account google, reboot and connect on u wifi, configure u account google.


@tafazzi87 Okay, then please give us more information on your phone :)

Where did you get it from, did it ever work? Do you have the phone rooted, did you have it rooted previously, if yes, what did you modify?

@tafazzi87 Clear Data for “Google Play, Google Play Service and Google Service Framework” :D

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change u provider internet or use provider mobile

I have the same problem on my Pro 5, nothings helps, I tried everything

@Holdo said:

I have the same problem on my Pro 5, nothings helps, I tried everything

Ok, trick was to remove google account, create a secondary one… log into google play… remove secondary account, go back to primary

Try make like this:
Remove play store and google installer then install this one:
I think it will help i have this same problem.

@miaziol ok thanks… Now it works fine

Try now install the latest version Play Store 7.0.16 is the best version at de moment.

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