Music and cursor bug!

I’ve noticed a few very annoying bugs with this damn phone! I’ve emailed Meizu and tried getting in touch with them, and well, useless. I can’t really find a fix despite doing a lot of research. I’m using the 4.5.3i (international) firmware.

  1. On earphones, the volume randomly decreases, and sometimes decreases it all the way down. (I notice clearing all the apps from the app tray especially Facebook helps fixes this! I think!)
  2. On external speakers, playing on max volume becomes buggy, the music player will stop randomly, hitting play again will automatically stop it (At this point the volume bar will act funny). Setting the volume to around 85% or less seems to fix this!
  3. Damn cursor bug, when trying to select a specific text when you’re typing it freezes. I’ll have to hit the home button and try again to unfreeze it. Doesn’t happen on the system keyboard but it does to all 3rd party keyboard. One of the solution was to remove the system keyboard, well I rooted the phone and did that, DIDN’T work.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any way to get around it? Its so damn annoying! This is a lovely phone but damn, aside from the partial Chinese system texts and all these bugs its hard to enjoy it!

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Well, if you did a lot of research on this forum, you would know that there is no solution for point 3. Point 1 is also wellknown, but not generally discussed.
Never heard of point 2.

I’m finding a way around the first issue, I installed the cyanogenmod eleven music player, and so far its been working flawless. Hoping it stays that way.

@Cobalt On my phone, Hacker’s Keyboard doesn’t have this keyboard bug (but it has another bug when trying to select special characters). With Smart Keyboard Pro, the bug does not appear if the last thing I type is Space. So If I need to correct something, I finish the word I’m typing, hit Space and correct the other word.
I haven’t noticed the other 2 bugs, but I have Viper4Android installed since the first day. It installs different audio drivers, maybe that helps?
I did notice some scratching sounds with earphones when a sound starts, and a faint click a few seconds after it ends. But everything is OK while listening to music, watching videos etc.

@Character I’ll give that one a try soon. Unfortunately the volume bug still happens with the cyanogenmod player, but I’m guessing its my earphones with a faulty built-in volume controller as I tried a new earphones and so far so good.
Whats worth mentioning as well is disabling text prediction/correction fixes the cursor bug. But I need those features hehe!

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On my Meizu Pro 5 with Flyme, doesn’t work and I am very sad. I do root, bosybox, SELinux Change Mode to “Permissive”, but nothing to do … I reboot many times for upgrade the driver and always the same thing = doesn’t work. I think that the problem is the version of Flyme which is based on android 5.1

1, and 2. bug are here too :(

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