MX4 flyme5 is coming

sry guys .im bad in English.

is there a release date ?

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@mjparc There always was!

@Latstyle quoted the Chinese Flyme Forum on it, the topic is somewhere in this forum ;)

It’s January/February 2016

@Ultrametric Yes I know for the stable release they said January, but as it is picture of a beta I wonder if they put a beta release date with these pictures :p


@mjparc The panda-knights are in closed beta now :) the next step is a public beta and then the stable version : )

Great Great ;)
I didn’t know that the panda-knights were already in Beta !

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the link is working : I’m downloading :)

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first. u need unlock BL .
unlock Bl only use4282 a rom .and root

@hkintk And what about the Patch.img ?

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