Flyme OS 4.5.3O - International on M2 - can I update?
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Hello boys and girls!

This is my first post, so I would like to greet you all in a very warm way. Recently I had became the owner of the M2 model, which has OS version 4.5.3O and it started to wonder me can I instal any other updates? Reading the forum I can see higher versions of the OS, yet if I go to Updater app it says that the software is up to date.

My Meizu M2 is from a international distribution (Europe/Poland) and that “O” at the end made me wonder what does it mean? Couldn’t find any info about it.

Moreover, I’ve found one bug (?) - when I open meizu Music Player it doesn’t see any MP3 file on SD card. The same situation is in the Google Music Player. Meizu support didn’t also find a solution till today.

Looking forward for your help :)

@Bart11 said:


I never seen the “O” version. You can probably update to the latest version witch is


O is a special firmware for czech, maintained by TCCM.

Do not upgrde to this firmware as it may lock the device forever.

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Strange…so I have to wait for the new OS ending with the letter “I” in order to update?

I have the same OS. I’m from Poland and my m2 have Flyme 4.5.3O. Can I update my phone to some higher version? And what version? I or A?

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@dexter1213 some user replied to my on the forum that our OS version is for the Czech region and updating it to the newest version with “A” on the end would be tragic for the phone…

UPDATE! Meizu support replied to me that in this situation having this version of OS we have to wait for the official International ROM for the M2. They kindly respond to NOT update to

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OK! thanks for reply!
i asked Meizu Poland about update and incomplete translations. If they give me reply, i’ll post this on this topic.

What do you mean by “block”?
Isn’t ‘A’ firmware a neutral one you can flash on all devices?

@Ultrametric @AOKP
Ok thank you.
Is there ANY firmware available as that I can install on my TCCM M2 Mini? I looked all around and found nothing. I need it to completly clean my phone, as normal Factory Reset doesn’t clear system.
I heard about some I-India version, can I install this one, where can I find it anyway?
If not, what versions of firmware I can use on my TCCM 4.5.3O phone?

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@albert107 Yeah there is the Indian firmware :

It’s the international firmware, with removed content, like the Flyme cloud gone… and this is really bad news.

You are not able to root or recover your phone, like if you forgot your lock screen password. So think carefully about it if you want to flash it.

Best is if you contact your carrier and TCCM to kindly ask em for the International firmware.

And now i dnt know what to do… Meizu write mi on facebook and look what they’re thinking.0_1449399217753_S51206-115140.jpg

But the I-version (international) isn’t available yet? So what are they talking about?

Before we were talking about the “A” version blocking Polish TCCM phone.


@albert107 Meizu is stupid, and so are their employees.
I’m serious with this statement.

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Well, in all this situation all that bothers me is that M2 Note has a newer version of the OS and moreover to that it has an International eddition, but M2 (mini) does not.

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