Wifi tether

hello everyone, i just got mine meizu pro5 3GB last Thursday(from honorbuy).

I love design and how snappy eveyething is.
I have one issue though. Tethering or portable hotspot is not working. I can connect device to meizu but there is no internet connection coming. When i try to open website for example on the other device it just say that there is DNS problem .I have unlimited mobile internet on Three network. When i swap sim card to my old galaxy s4 the hotspot there is working perfectly. So the problem must be in meizu.

I had firmware 4.5.4 and this morning i updated to 5 but nothing has changed hotspot is still not working.

This is not big issue for me but any suggestions guys?


@Kamo did you clear the data, when you upgraded?

I’m always concerned when phones are sold by re-sellers. Those re-sellers like to root and manipulate the phones before shipping it out.

@Ultrametric i didn’t, you mean i have to do factory reset?


@Kamo no, better than that :)

you have to update + clear data.

Head to the F.A.Q. section ;) and read up on it.

@Ultrametric ok i will clear data first through recovery, i used to root around my old s4 so it shouldnt be a problem,and see if it helps.


@Kamo usually it’s the least convenient solution but a simple one lets hope it helps you :)

@Ultrametric well i did it now and it is still not working, but this is no dealbreaker for me so i think i can live without this feature :D thanks

I remember I had the same issue with my htc DHD. Maybe you have the same problem; the problem I had was related to hotspot DHCP IP address that was the same as my laptop so maybe your problem is the same
check this link
it may help you and I had option to change it in my htc but, not sure abut meizu.

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