Flyme OS test firmware (MX5)


  • Optimization: Optimize brightness adjustment, under the bright glare solve the problem of slow screen.
  • Optimization: solve some of the Wi-Fi open failure problems.
  • Fix: Problems brightness to the maximum or minimum, the indicator points can not be fully displayed in the notification bar adjustment.
  • Fix: As the charging voltage setup issues, resulting in very slow charging problem.


  • New “reading” APP.
  • Individuality Columns: All columns can freely subscribe to become your personal library.
  • Reader: from simple to complicated, supporting features such as night mode.
  • Importing books: supports importing EPUB, txt, mobi and other text formats.
  • One yuan yield sections: one yuan Jiashu Daily Catch.
  • Free limit: six daily limit free download.
  • National activities: participation in the reading line activities, you can receive one month free online reading qualifications.


  • NEW: Weather plug-in support by automatic color wallpaper color, increased color icon.
  • Optimization: Modify weather update frequency, when the main weather data older than the widget, when updating the master Weather.
  • Optimization: Optimization weather share, generate photo Hide share button and the title bar at the top of the tail to “Meizu weather”.


  • Optimization: fixed display selection interface contacts search box.
  • Optimization: When forwarding is not downloading e-mail attachments, automatically downloaded increase in the editing interface click to download attachments, or when sending attachments function.
  • Optimization: Increase the circular picture Click animation.
  • Optimization: notification bar, the message details without citation.
  • Optimization: mail editor page, adjust the position of the top bar accessory.


  • Fix: use the system comes white wallpaper, finishing next mode Rename the folder icon, the cursor can not see the problem.
  • FIX: third-party applications to create a shortcut icon is too large problem.
  • Fixed: notification bar screenshot thumbnails deformation problem.


  • Optimization: Hide each tool page the status bar, to full-screen display.
  • Optimization: Mirrors shared screen, click pictures can hide and display the title bar and the bottom bar.

Set up

  • Optimization: filtration-related options under lock screen notification guest mode.
  • Repair: Battery history details, the data will appear in black wakeup time, but the number is 0 times Wake question.


  • Optimization: Upgrade input lexicon.
  • Optimization: Pinyin full keyboard mode, slide the keyboard lowercase letters become uppercase.


  • FIX: third-party file folder of songs, local music and convert high-quality list does not display the cover of the issue.
  • FIX: Share no problem “from Meizu Music” suffix through information, microblogging, Bluetooth, e-mail.

Voice assistant

  • Fix: voice assistant can not be offline offline issues.


  • Optimization: Optimization of playing music, set the alarm clock music play and pause logic.



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Can I switch between beta and stable with full wipe without problems? Now I’m on stable of o want i can flash beta then if I want switch back to stable?


@fuxmen Yes, you can switch between Beta and stable, with and without a wipe.

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I asked because someone have bootloop after flashing stable over beta


@fuxmen if they end up in a Bootloop a clean data solved it :P
It’s good that you asked

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Then it’s safe to go without data wipe between beta or between stable? I don’t want to wipe every stable goes out :) I know how things works it’d but here we don’t have recovery hehe to back things up


@fuxmen you can back it up to the Flyme cloud it works but is slow.

Yes try it without and if it doesn’t work you can try again but clear data.

can I install it on my I device?

I have currently a I firmware

@Rey So tel my how to instal A firmware on I device … I try everything … no idea and always firmware corupt. When I try Do backwards from topic about instal I firmware on A device is Bootloop. Nobody know how to instal …


@Pikuła-Piotr well the only reason why this could happen is that you have a so called “TCCM” device (TCCM is europes Meizu distributor).
Did you bought the device from a local/EU-based online shop?

Because if you did so you must first root the device and force the device to flash a normal firmware as seen here:

I have a M575H…should be the european version.

So it means that if I want to install any beta firmware I have to follow the procedure for installing I firmware on A devices?


@fuxmen switching between beta and stable releases is possible at any time. Often it does not even requires to clear data, but is recommended.

@Rey said:

@Pikuła-Piotr well the only reason why this could happen is that you have a so called “TCCM” device (TCCM is europes Meizu distributor).
Did you bought the device from a local/EU-based online shop?

Because if you did so you must first root the device and force the device to flash a normal firmware as seen here:

@Rey I root the device and i Flash like the post ‘‘Guide how to install I firmware’’ Yes i Have phone from europe and this method for change I to A its Bootloop… stuck on meizu logo.
I want A firmware but no body knows how to do this on Europe device :(


@Pikuła-Piotr thats strange. For now boot into the recovery by using Volume Up + Power (a bit difficuilt if the device is stuck).

If the device is still stuck at the Meizu logo press Volume Up and then hold the power button until the device restarts itself.

Maybe you need to press Volume Up once more as soon as the device turns black, just try.

But do not worry as it is very unlikely that the device is bricked.

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