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Hi guys,

I have an MX5 and i can’t upgrade or downgrade for the international version. when I try to do it, it says to me: “Firmware Corrupt”.
When i recieved the smartphone I updated to version, but this version doesn’t have Portuguese language, so in this moment I have version, but doesn’t work with Google Play Services.
I am Portuguese and I need the language in PT. I bought the smartphone in Spain.
Someone can tell me why i can’t install the international version?
Thank you

I’m use, and portuguese language

@AOKP thank you for anwer. Since the A version is the version that has constant updates, isn’t there a way to use it in Portuguese, with a language pack or something of that kind?
Or can I change the version from A to I without any kind of problems?

@Dimitrive How is possible if a come with Chinese and English only, see here in the comments:

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@Lau13 just do a Google research, or search the forum. Your question has already been answered


@Lau13 read my post. It requires a special unlock and no, there are no language packs available.
What you can at least do, is to use morelocale2 so that your apps from the Play Store are at least in your language.

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