Phone/Contacts problem

I have Meizu M1 Note, with Flyme 4.5.7A.
From the beginning, when I bought this phone, I have problem with default Phone/Contacts app. It freezes when I want to do everything with my contact list, for example

  • adding a new contact
  • editing someone’s detail
  • sending message to someone from my contact list (messaging APP, itself, is not the problem)
  • showing name of caller
  • Opening call log

I already reset/erase/flush my phone, nothing changed.
Mostly after a restart, everything works fine, but after some minutes, it goes crazy.

I have a lot of people in my contact list, because it comes from my google account, and I cannot limit contact people to whom they have phone number only!


ps: It’s too funny that my phone cannot handle it’s main purpose to make calls


@omid did you try to update + clear data?

You described your problem very well, but go help you a bit more background info is needed. Like is it rooted, are stock system apps missing, if it’s rooted … And so on

Yes, I have this phone for about 1 year, updating, clearing data, nothing could help!
I have stock version, the problem exists when it was rooted or not rooted (but currently it’s rooted)

:expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

Have you deselected any of the contacts in order not to show them in your contact list?
If yes - try to select all of them, restart the phone and see if it helped.
I had the same problem (it helped for me).

@omid hello I have the same problem
Not rooted a
Contactam hange mizanam bala nemiad shomare begire

Could you try to import contacts from google contacts?
Don’t use SIM contacts or phone contacts.
Create a contact in google and then sincronyce it from your phone.
it’s only my idea. I wish you repare your problem.
Good luck and sorry my english

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