Google Play not downloading any App

Hi, i recently bought a Meizu MX4 China Version and quickly found out that it didn’t have Google Apps or Google Play installed. I followed some steps online that told me to download google installer from the app center and proceed to run the Google Installer App.

Once the Google Installer app has created a Play Store App. i logged in and tried downloading any app like Facebook, Twitter, but it fails, and gives me a long error code.

Has anyone run into this issue? and how did you solve it?


Try remove account gmail, reboot and try login.

@Dimitrive i’ve tried that many many times but still results in the same issue. have you had this error before?

Where are you from? Maybe you need to clear play store data and cache then use a VPN.

You found on google app installer, if it’s okay?

@shahrooz Philippines, i don’t have a VPN. i tried clearing the data also, it didn’t work. :(

@Dimitrive Currently i’m trying to install an old version of the google installer. hope it works.


@migs23 you can just update + clear data. To start with a fresh system from the beginning.

Or stop all google services, clear data from all google services, and restart the phone.

Meizu Pro 5

@migs23 try another @gmail account, works with my pro 5.

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