Custom Rom Meizu M2 Note para versiones Y

Can anyone has information about that rom?
Is it so interesting for me, but i doesnt enjoy the spanish languange. PLS smw Help to me!

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@Üszögh-Dávıd I tried it some days ago. That mod is an “A” firmware , purged of chinese apps, with the addition of xposed framework, flyme tools, root, busybox, xperia keyboard , titanium backup and some ram improvements. Installing it I lost italian language, being an “A” firmware, so I preferred to go back to stock.

@tomax thanks a lot your question! so its works fine?
Could you said the process how i setup to my phone?

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@Üszögh-Dávıd it’s working fine, but it installs the “a” firmware, not the international one “i”.

For the installation, you download the archive, extract it, then execute the exe file and do the steps from 1 to 4. If you don’t understand something in the tutorial, just use a translator.

@tomax OK, thanks a lot bro. But what is the problem with the international version?
If i have a chinees version from meizu m2 note the upgrade (OTA) maybe will working?

@Üszögh-Dávıd the problem is that if you have an “i” version, after installing the mod you have an “a” version, with all the consequences. For example I lost italian language and it switched to english.

The developer wrote that installing the mod will not interfere with OTA updates.

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