The tool does not recognize meizu debloated mx5 in windows 7

I have installed the usb driver android meizu mx5 in order to install from CD-ROM.


@Dimitrive I don’t know what you are trying to say… Please read the Question and Answer Guideline.

What tool are you talking about? What do you mean by “debloated” ?
you mean you deleted some system apps? It should recognise the device no problem.
after you plug in the phone unlock it and it should work fine.

The debloater tool made by xda developer, and i debloated with purify and titanium backup.

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@Dimitrive Meizu ships their firmwares without any real bloatware. If you have any, like QQ, you can simply uninstall them.

If you bought it from an unofficial retailer (namely Aukey group), then you have to reinstall firmware with clearing data.

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