How to fix "Downloading Service Disabled" on Meizu M2 Flyme OS


I recently bought the Meizu M2 and I am unable to install any app from the Google Play.
The Meizu App Center is missing, on the download app there’s a notification that says Downloading service disabled.

Can anyone help me with this?


@alboz Install a firmware + clear data. Check out the F.A.Q.

The re-seller you got it from messed around with your phone. Get rid of what he did!
It’s a common problem, no idea why the re-sellers have to rape Flyme.

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@Ultrametric Hi mate, thanks for answering. Can you please explain me step by step what to do because I just got the handset and don’t wanna ruin it up at the first day.


@alboz yes! I already did.


@Ultrametric I should follow all the steps as cited on the FAQ? I cannot find the files as in the tutorial. The download disk consists only in Audios, Messages, Videos and Wifip2p


@alboz Take the time and read the F.A.Q from the beginning to the end.
I will not answer questions that are already stated in the F.A.Q! Stop being lazy.

But feel free to ask for anything that hasn’t been written down already. :)

@Ultrametric I did read the FAQ page, it tells to download the latest Firmware, but I cannot download anything at all. It tells me to find the Update file on the Download disk, there’s no Update file at all.


@alboz There is no because you did not put it there I guess.

I can not help you but quote the F.A.Q., and … well that you can do by reading the F.A.Q.

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@alboz That’s great, now do what I told the other guy to do. And what I told you to do in my first response. Stop being lazy.

Read the F.A.Q.! And update + clear data.

@Ultrametric I made a factory reset and it has like 10 minutes showing the Logo of Flyme :D I think this is a piece of crap phone


@alboz I am 100% sure that the phone is fine, but you are the problem!

Read the god damn F.A.Q, it’s all written down there.

Edit, like I have no idea where you read to make a factory reset… when you are supposed to do an firmware update + clear data.

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@Ultrametric It just returned form factory reset and the Download file has only messages. I bought it from Auckey store btw.


@alboz yeah, Aukey messed with your phone, that’s why you have to update + clear data.

I tried to install the firmware from, the phone doesn’t downloads anything. That’s the reason why the update file cannot be found.

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