Flosmall anyone

Hi all

for some time now I have noticed the banner of Flosmall on the top of this page here.

The phones appear incrediblycheap. has anyone havd an experience of buying from this website and the item arrived safe without having to pay VAT in UK? Thanks

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@dinku76 I think it’s a Chinese basic re-seller, that lies about items in stock and shipping times, just like every single bigger re-seller does.

Tried to get more information from china-devices.com but they don’t know more about it either.

@Ultrametric thanks

really wish there were some fellows out there who were bold to buy from it :) then i would have bought from them.


@dinku76 I think it’s save to buy just like from any re-seller.

But you might up doing what I do with gearbest and Aukey group (efox-shop, coolicool, antlife,…) on regular base.

It’s annoy em until the phone is shipped out, like really shipped out. :D

I feel like always playing the same game with Aukey and gearbest, …

  • ask per email if the phone is in stock, of course it’s always in stock and will be shipped immediately!
  • when it’s not out after 3days my first email goes in, just to check … And to get an answer in time, they always take their time responding.
  • after continuing, being an annoying customer a bit more and demanding that the phone is shipped, I either get it or its cancelled.

That’s pretty much the basic Chinese re-seller.

@Ultrametric I suppose If I pay via paypal then I don’t stand a chance of loosing money?

and they are a sponsor of this forum :)

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@dinku76 you realise its just an ad,not a sponsor…right?

@SeaMoose Please check the home page of this forum it does say that Flosmall is the new sponsor. Link below



@SeaMoose it could be a sponsor, like sponsor a phone to be revied. I wrote then a while ago and asked for it. Our Admins worked out the details, but it’s not fully finished so won’t say more, as its up to the Admins.

It’s our bad, we didn’t update him as the deal isn’t fully finished yet, sorry mate.

@dinku76 yes, pay with PayPal and document everything very well, never blindly trust a Chinese re-seller and you are safe to go. That’s in general a good idea.

I ordered some phones from China and will get more :)

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So, let me give my two cents to it.

Yes, Flos Mall is our new partner/sponsor.
We agreed on a 5 month ad contract against a Pro 5.

Daphne, who is the owner of the shop, guruanteed that I will not have to pay a single cent for the device to arrive as the customs are (in case of DHL at least) prepaid.

Till now communication works flawlessly. However there was a system bug with their shop on Friday causing the packages to return to shipper.

Maybe this sounds like an excuse, but as we talked about her shop system already it is “plausible” (buggiest shit ever seen).

Anyway, on Monday they should resend the Pro 5, so I will hold it till next Wednesday or Thursday in my hand.

Then I will beginn to review the Pro 5 and also review Flos Mall.

I have buyed from flosmall 3 devices (two m1, one m2), I never had a problem.
It’s a legit store with the right prices.
For the first m1 I had to pay 30€ in custom duties, but with the 6$ insurance, they refund me via paypal the next day. Flawless.

So, if you are interested in buying from them:

  1. Use the chat and ask if the phone is ready to ship
  2. Get the insurance, and use some cupon codes like MEIZUCINA or CINA2015 to get the insurance, in fact, free.

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