Flyme os upgrade lasts for 5 hours (checking firmware)

I am new in this forum… so i hope im going to find a solution for my problem here.
Now to my problem… I sartet an flyme os upgrade about 5 hours ago. I just opend the app (“Upgrade”) which was preinstalled on my meizu. so i started the upgrade and after one hour (when it finnished downloading) it said i should reboot the device… after i did this there came a black screen showing the flyme logo under the flyme logo it says “checking firmware” does anybody know what to do? Would be very pleased to hear an answer soon. Greetings from Austria, Emil. (By the way i ve got an MX5)

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@Meizufan007 Hey,

You can use method 2 from the F.A.Q., jsut read it :)
Turn off your phone, press Volume UP + Power, connect it to your PC and a “restore…” shows up. Copy the on your phone! And be sure it’s … and not update(1).zip or similar!!! It has to be (writing this so many times, because it’s not naturally for some people!)

As soon the is on the recovery… select clear-data and start the upgrade.

Also greetings from Austria, Christoph.

Thanks for your quich answer… i am sorry i was in such a hurry i wasn´t able to answer.
I am going to try this as soon as possible. Thanks again! Greetings/Liebe grüße ;)

I have the same problem here. I’ve tried to upgrade my firmware by ota. I’ve downloaded the new firmware. My phone made a reboot. Now my screen stuck with flyme logo and a message "checking firmware ". This is about two hours. What i have to do? Wait more?

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