[Review] Meizu Metal white 16GB

So, no European trustworthy reviews, no experiences on the web… YunOS any good? No matter what… I bought the phone anyway. :)

My review:

I previously owned a Meizu MX4, MX5, M1 Note and M2 Note. I sold the MX4 because of its creaking back, the M2 Note was too slow (the CPU and GPU cannot handle FullHD all that well…), the MX5 had massive Bluetooth problems with my car and the M1 Note… Well… I got bored and annoyed with Flyme 4.5. So, what´s different this time?

(! All pros and cons considering the pricetag of just 200,- EUR / 200,- USD !)

+) very high product quality (the white model is very elegant and robust) - of much higher quality than the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2
+) FullHD 5,5 inch screen (which is too big for me as a daily driver, so I use the Oneplus X and the Metal)
+) 2,5D- slightly curved glass is very nice to touch
+) no noticeable metal- plastic- borders (in contrast to MX5 or Xiaomi Redmi Note 3)
+) 16GB onboard memory and SD-Card-expansion
+) the Mediatek Helio X10 is not a slow CPU. I see the performance on par with the Oneplus X (Snapdragon 801)
+) Flmye 5.1.1 on YunOS (strangely that OS is multilingual; Chinese, English, Francais, Portugues, Espanol and even German is available, but not very well / complete translated - but it is still the original Flyme - it showed me an OTA Update yesterday to Flyme 5.1.1Y (=YunOS) )
+) many bugs from former (4.5) days are gone: the Google Android Keyboard lets you set your cursor where you want, Press (a Feedly-App) now works without any problems, Bluetooth doesn´t stop every few seconds, etc. Very nice.
+) the User Experience is fast and snappy (AnTuTu- Score is about 50.000+)
+) Charging is quite fast with my iPad-Charger
+) Notification LED
+) clicky buttons
+) loud speaker, that IS NOT located on the back of the device and WILL NOT be muffled when put on a couch with the screen up (in contrast to Xiaomi Redmi Note 3)
+) good reception and call quality
+) camera quality is good (better than the lacking Oneplus X)

±) A 32GB / 3GB RAM option would have been even better. I think, that this would have put the Metal nearly on par with the MX5, so Meizu isn´t going to do that…
±) Fingerprint Scanner is fast, but it is a physical button. Samsung Users will like it - I liked the Honor 7- style more.
±) YunOS - Every single app is up and running. All push-services are good to go. No problems here.

-) Although the white Meizu Metal is very chic, its back doesn´t really fell like metal. I know that only the top and the bottom are made out of plastic, but it feels quite different from anything I owned. Although it is very sturdy.
-) I think that there is no way (at least for now) to root the phone, as it runs Flyme 5.1.1 on YunOS.

FAZIT: With a 200,- EUR Pricepoint this device is as expensive as the Motorola Moto G (2015) here in Austria (and EU / Germany). This phone blows the competition out of the water. I´m sorry for all the M2 Note owners, because the Metal is quite definetly better in every single aspect there is at nearly the same price. Compared to the similar Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 it is of a much higher product quality and has a fingerprint sensor. Although I like Xiaomi quite a bit (the Mi4 and Mi4c are superb!), I think that the Meizu Metal is the winner vs. the equally spec´d Redmi Note 2.

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thanks for this review i was actually waiting for a review from someone that has had it and gone through it in detail. I think this will help alot.

Meizu Pro 6

The lack of root is what is putting me off this phone. I need Xposed ;)

If you manage to get it rooted, please let us know!

Got my m1 Metal 16GB from a reseller here in the Philippines.


@generationally The Android flavored Flyme is out for the Meizu Metal!

@wegwolv You can go for Flyme 5 beta, just like for the Meizu mx5.
Link: http://bbs.flyme.cn/thread-438041-1-1.html

@Ultrametric said:

@generationally The Android flavored Flyme is out for the Meizu Metal!

@wegwolv You can go for Flyme 5 beta, just like for the Meizu mx5.
Link: http://bbs.flyme.cn/thread-438041-1-1.html

I read through the changelog of the Flyme OS Beta and this changelog is the same as in the OTA I installed yesterday. Strange… Have to check on that…

To root the phone you can try KingRoot, sure at 90% that it’ll work, it worked on so much of my devices (including YunOS on my MX4)
EDIT : I just read on bbs.YunOS.com that root is TEMPORARILY disabled due to security reason, http://bbs.yunos.com/read/263319650
EDIT 2 : Just found this on google, you ca try : http://www.gizbeat.com/6244/root-any-china-phone-tablet-mt6592-mt6582-mt6595-mt6732-mt6752-mt6795/

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Meizu MX4 Pro

does the meizu metal also come with flyme Android ?

@mx4pro every meizu phone has FlyMe version of android ( heavy reskinned android )

Meizu MX4 Pro

@SeaMoose said:

@mx4pro every meizu phone has FlyMe version of android ( heavy reskinned android )

ok thanks I was just a bit confused because ive never heard about this phone from meizu … they put so many devices on the market this year …

Are you sure that Meizu Metal isn’t exclusively on YunOS? Because there is no other version than it
EDIT : In fact there is a Y and a UY Version, i’m supposing that it’s YunOS and China Unicom YunOS

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YunOS is Android, like Flyme is Android :)


@furious.builder I thought there was an A firmware online, but could be that i was wrong. If there isn’t any now :D

OP do you recommend the Meizu Metal? I’m about to buy one for myself but i’m a littlebit to scared about YunOS. I’m used to AOSP ROMS for my older devices but since I got little budget and my Moto X 2014 broke, i’m going for the Metal.

Just a quick questions if you can:
-It is possible to root it?
-Any international rom for it?
-Is Playstore installed as well as its services?
-How about the fingerprint? Fast? How many times does it fails in an interval of 10 unlocks?

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