Why does Meizu not have Volte baked in?

Hello guys. I have a Meizu M2 Note and got it from the Orange online store when they started importing the M2 Note International version. Currently we have 1 operator. namely Vodacom that supports Volte, but they have opened only a select few models with their ROM for Volte.

I have done the ##4636## thing because no where on the phone does it have a Volte option in the network settings. Even when I look in the ##4636## menu it does not have a Volte flag there. I was under the impression that this was baked in with Android 5.1. Did Meizu remove this from the standard Android ROM, and if so, why? :(


@ockie Hello,

I am having a hard time to understand your problem.
Could you please explain it better. Read the Qustion and Answer guideline, link in my signature.

What exactly is your problem? Are you asking if VoLTE (voice over LTE) is supported?

Edit: An information like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VoLTE

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Hi there. Yes, pretty much. I want to know if Volte is supported. My understanding is that Volte came baked in from Android 5.1, but it does not seem to be the case with Flyme which is based on Android 5.1 on the M2 Note.


@ockie Meizu is not about Android but Flyme.

As far as I know (and that’s just little), only the Pro 5 has it. Please correct me, if I’m mistaken.

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Yes, true, but Flyme is still a Android bases system. Even when I go into my phone information where it shows what Flyme version it is on, it also shows there Android 5.1.

From what I understand VoLTE is pretty much a software implementation as long as the phone actually has got LTE connectivity in the modem. So I find it strange that Meizu would not implement the IMS and Volte code that was baked into Android 5.1.

I LOVE my phone. Best phone I have had so far, but I do find this a curious decision by them.


@ockie Flyme developers aren’t the best and Meizu has like 10 devices to take care of, it’s horrible! Bugs don’t get fixed and the OS isn’t optimized!.. It’s not so surprising, that that didnt find the time to implement this feature :P

Well, hopefully with Flyme 5 it will be included :)

Meizu MX4 Pro

@ockie hopefully flyme 5 comes someday at all … meizu lets us waiting very long…

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