I have noticed that my battery gets charged to almost 4.4V. That is way too much, I understand that Li-ion batteries shouldn’t be charged over 4.2V. This could greatly reduce its lifespan.
I don’t use the original charger as I don’t have the adapter for Schuko plug, but I have tried several chargers (htc, samsung, lenovo) with different ratings and it is the same. My other devices don’t have this problem no matter what charger I use.
Did anyone else notice this?0_1448714059982_S51128-111555.jpg


This could be a sensor issue.
Or the m2 uses a Cobalt based Lithium battery, which requires 4.4V.

However, as long as you do not notice extensive heat at these voltages you should be fine. Usually a too high voltage causes the battery to heat up heavily.


It’s not the charger who decides how much voltage the phone takes. It’s only the phone!

So you either have trouble with your charging circuits or the firmware behind it.

Thank you. It doesn’t seem to overheat. I didn’t know that some batteries can be charged to 4.4V. I hope this is the case here.


@Character In general it’s good to keep the phone between 20% to 80% and let it cycle in between :P (or 10% to 90%, it’s not super strict.)

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