mx4 pro battery problem


please help me…super fast battery drain as you can see…63% cell standby???what is going on

Please dont double post. Moved this topic, deleted the other one.

We don’t know, you should provide us more information. We cannot look into your device with only this screenshot.

Tell us: what is your firmware
what is your screen on-time
Measure usage with a battery usage app, that can tell a lot more. GSam battery monitor for example.

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Im on 4.5.7.I…
I unplugged phone from charger 12:00 in the morning…and by 20:00 I had 25% with no more than 2 hours screen on time

Ok, but we don’t know what your device is doing. So please install a monitor app and run it for a day. Please share a screenshot of the app tomorrow.

Ok…sry about double post…do you suggest any app?

Look in my first post…

Yes just saw it…thank you

Typical(admin responses and user questions)…
You’ve the wakelock of bjeezus (yes I just created the name)
Sometimes messing with location settings fixes it, another solution is clearing data.
You could also try an app like amplify to limit these wakelocks.

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@Dysync Dude,

most people provide 0 information on their problem, just like in this topic.
To get good help it’s required to know the problem exactly. A single screenshot gives no information. (But I’m sure you know that :P )

Though thanks for your reply, please keep it up.

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I thought that this maybe was a known “problem” and by this screenshot you could help me…I understand what you are saying but im knew in meizu…1st time in forum asking anything…btw I dont know what wakelock is…I just find it wird cell standby 63% battery drain…ill post later a screenshot of gsam app…(sry for my english…)


@f0ukas Your English is fine, no need to be sorry for it :P

It’s always “similar”, but mostly never the “same” problem :) So we need a bit more information. Thanks for working on it.

However what @Dysync said may be of help. It’s always good to have a pure and clean new system.
A system wipe, plus an update if you had it rooted. Solves most problems.

And if you want to improve your battery life, there are quite some good guides about it, out there on the internet.

I tryied to install amplify but needed xposed too and I was afraid of bricking my device…I use apps or tips for battery…I have it rooted with kingroot though…and I dont know hot to mess with location service…


@f0ukas You will not brick your device as long you don’t flash things on it. Or format your device.

As long as your stock recovery is on the phone you are pretty fine. Or as long it’s on there you can just clear data + update, and have a clean new system.

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Too many questions I know,but if you want tell me what do you mean clear data and update??factory reset ok but what about update??

I press volume up + on/off button and redirects me to recovery (I guess)…when I choose both system upgrade and clear data, ask me a password which I dont know…

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