3d printed Meizu MX5 Cover atempt

i’m new here at this forum,
just bought recently a Meizu MX5 and while my case doens’t arrive, tried to make one in my 3d printer
i’m not very good at 3D design, so it could be better
here are some pictures.


Coool! :D

It look really nice ;]

Meizu MX4

Great !

I’m curious to know if it’s rigid or flexible :bowtie: ?

It’s printed in PLA plastic, so it’s not very flexible ;)


Awesome stuff @Francisco ! :D Maybe you could add some finishing touch to it by sandpapering it smooth and/or painting it, I don’t know, but it looks great and covers every corner :+1:


Actually, why we do not open a section for 3D printable cases?

I mean we have some graphic designers here @samanen. ;)


@AOKP there’s not such a demand for it, all the 3D print geeks (a handful of them if any) can gather in one thread rather than in their own section :D Unless it turns out there are 200 of them :P

@samanen I’ve made a some improvements to the case, it’s thinner and fits better, has for the finishing I’ve printed in higher resolution so it’s better also, made a grey one.
If someone prints in ABS plastic then the print can be smooter with some finishing thecnics.
I’ll post some pics later

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