Does Meizu PRO 5 package contain headphones?

Is there any headphones inside the package?

No, it doesn’t contain headphones.

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Yes there are :) But I think it depend on where do you buy it (I had it included) :)

Meizu Pro 5

@shahrooz Ordered from AliExpress, 4Gb version, had headphones included.

@5py0n In the box together with the phone and original from meizu or the reseller add this especially for their auction?

Meizu Pro 5

@boober78 Headphones were included in original Meizu package. Here:


PS. I’ve seen some unboxing videos and sometimes package design is different (no slot for headphones in the package). It is possible that 4GB version comes with headphones and 3GB without headphones.

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We will find out for sure as soon as Flos Mall send me my Pro 5.

Prepare for a review ;)

Yeah mine came with them

Mine box was like that:


As u can see, headphones included :)

Thanks for the replies.


@shahrooz I have read that only the 64GB Model has em, could somebody prove me wrong or confirm this please.

That’s at least what the official Chinese meizu pages says.

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I would like to know if someone had bought a 4GB version which didn’t include a headphone.
@Tymcio @lhayati may I ask how did you purchase the phone?

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i can confirm to everyone that only 4gb have headphones .

@Tyrigi does all 4GBs come with headphones or it depends on the reseller too?

@shahrooz said:

@Tyrigi does all 4GBs come with headphones or it depends on the reseller too?

all :)

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