Alarm issue

Hey guys, i just got my M2 Mini this week, but i have few issues with the alarm, i prepared it, with the hour i want it to wake me up… and it didn’t, at least with sound or vibration, so i was testing it now and it seens to only light up the screen for a moment when the alarm trigger… no sound…
I have the latest firmware version available on this page, so anyone can give me any tip to fix this?
EDIT: found a post talking about the clock issue cause i froze the Chinese one, is the an alternative i can use to resolve this?

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Are you using the stock clock/alarm or you installed some 3rd pty alarm?

Also, did you freeze stock Weather app.

For stock alarm app to work (ring you when phone goes deeply asleep), stock Weather app must not be frozen.

For 3rd party apps, you might have problems caused by the Security Center app. You could start your app manually, select its icon from the background ribbon, keep pressing on the icon until it shows that your app is ‘locked’.
That will prevent Security Center to kill your app from the background

Is your telephone on silent?

Thank you for the awsers, yes i had the stock weather app frozen, but i will probably unfreeze it and use the stock alarm… so i avoid security center issues

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