Share your Pro 5 Antutu 6 Score

Hey guys, Antutu 6 is out.
If you feel like it please share your score. (including the firmware)

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Meizu Pro 5

My test for some reason stops during second scene (Garden).

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Meizu MX4 Pro

@5py0n no its not, do youyou know what is different in v6 ?


@mx4pro I got +10k points in it :P on the MX5
uh and it looks different.

Here’s a safe download link in case antutu is not yet enabled for your country.

Meizu Pro 5

86686 antutu 6beta without antivirus and ~75600 antutu 5.7.2

My antutu score only 68106
Firmware Flyme OS Beta

That’s quite strange. This is what I am getting on antutu 6beta5.

Meizu Pro 5

@boober78 Make sure your battery settings set on High Perfomance. Other settings slow down the CPU/GPU speed to reduce battery consumption.

Flyme OS beta
Antutu v6.0 beta 5 - 77044

@5py0n Oh they are, that’s why I’m surprised :) But, I don’t really care about benchmarks

Meizu Pro 5

@boober78 Not strange: try ten times antutu benchmark and you’ll see “oscillating” results.
(nonlinear results 45.000-86.000 Antutu beta 6.05
[sometimes Antutu don’t indicate the name Exynos 7420, indicates anything different]
As @5py0n make sure you choose “High Perfomance” in battery settings and sometimes Antutu Benchmarking software (this is strange) asks if you want benchmark with normal or perfomance settings…
Do not forget to frequently delete caches and a quick external SD card can help…

Install CPU-Z and verify with “High Perfomance settings” displays Cortex A57 max.2.1GHZ and with “Saving energy settings” displays Cortex A53 max.1.5GHZ

Someone already found any application that inform’s the graphic chip is even Mali T760 MP8 (8 cores)?
I can only see Mali T760…and for Mali T760 there are versions of 1 core to 16 cores versions…

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