Autoclosing apps 4.5.6A

Flyme kills my apps after few seconds or minutes when I am using another app. For example I am browsing instagram then go to messenger and then after a minute come back to instagram and it opens from begginning, no pictures loaded. This shouldn´t happen. Please help. PS: I´ve got checked ,kept when standby, in security center. Aswell as autolaunch. 0_1448494940646_S51126-000018.jpg

Meizu MX4 Pro

@David-Smolka I think it has to do with the Bad organized RAM management of flyme :( my friend also has a phone which has not so good RAM/CPU and is able to open apps faster then me for example…


@David-Smolka how much free RAM do you have, when this happens, and how many apps run in the background

it’s because of the stupid RAM management of 4.5.6 Lollipop version. In 4.5.6 or 4.5.7, my free RAM never exceeds more than 300MB


@boconngusi what the fuck! You got 300mb to work with? That’s insane!

@Ultrametric that’s the reason why I’m still on :D

@mx4pro I see in Settings/App Management/Running :D

@Ultrametric said:

@boconngusi what the fuck! You got 300mb to work with? That’s insane!

Why its so surprising for you?This is normal for FlymeOS at M1 with Lollipop.I know many other users having the same free amount of Ram.


@viper So? Flyme was always horrible at managing the RAM, but that’s as bad as it can get.

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Meizu Pro 6

Hmm, isn’t it so that free RAM is considered wasted RAM? And that it is better that the OS caches the most used apps/processes to make the phone more responsive?

Isn’t that just the philosophy that Flyme is following?! So the less free RAM, the more responsive the phone is in general ;)

@generationally No, my opinion here is the RAM used for 1 app in Lollipop is much more than in Kitkat. For instance, the browser app just uses about 100MB in KK, but in Lollipop, it is 160 or 170MB! So, if you open another app, other recent apps will close automatically. This problem doesn’t occur in Kitkat :D

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