Meizu M2 mini camera aspect ratio

Today I recieved my M2 mini and i love it!
I noticed that i have the C version (probably china) so I think I’ll switch to “i” version. Is it worth it ?

Also the main problem is that the slider in camera app settings only allows me to capture in 4:3 aspect ratio(small medium and large) and I want it in 16:9 as the video so the pictures will appear full screen.

Is this software fault or am I missing something ?

Sorry if I missed it but I tried google-ing the answer and only reviews pop out :(

Meizu MX4 Pro

@kokoian every phone has a 4:3 chip (I dont know why but I also think 16:9 would be better) anyway you are able to decrease resolution and select 16:9 then
(in my case its 15:9)

Decrease resolution? How?

@mx4pro When i slide the option you showed on the screenshot I only change between small, medium or large but it is 4:3 in every case.

Do you have any other options aside from this slider ?


@kokoian The Versions are described in the F.A.Q! Read em all.

C is a carrier branded firmware for China.
And “A” is the public China, the one you want on your Chinese Phone.
It’s only worth to switch to firmware “I” if you want a specific language that’s not included in “A”.

State what’s your firmware please, you should be able to switch to 16:9 or similar, the MX4 Pro has the weird 15:9 ratio or so.

@Ultrametric 0_1448556112453_S51126-174112.jpg

Image: small, medium, large (4:3 only), video 16:9…

@rolin said:

@Ultrametric 0_1448556112453_S51126-174112.jpg

Image: small, medium, large (4:3 only), video 16:9…

I have the 4.5.4i firmware and it’s exactly the same as yours,only 4:3 for photo

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Just an idea, did you try a 3rd party, like Google Camera if it provides additional resolutions.

Or an app like CPU X to read all supported resolutions. Btw, not sure if all units are assembled with the same camera chipset or it may depend on availability

Meizu MX4 Pro

@zgfg I have just looked it up on my friends m2 note (!) and he has 16:9 if he goes to small… but then the resolution is very small ans im not sure if its the same as on the small m2

I upgraded to and camera is still the same :( Hope they add 16:9 in the future but i doubt it.
Tried with Google Camera but its 4:3 only too.
I wont suffer much from this aspect ratio but it would be nice to mention it in the reviews or specifications.

I’m fine with English and the chinese bloatware was easy to remove.

@kokoian Just go for third party app like Procapture or A better camera, or… all have 16:9 ratio and big resolutions.

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@rolin & @Ultrametric Same case with me also… even I tried to root my phone and updated to flyme6 but still no luck

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