Camera Upside-Down

I have a problem guys
I have Meizu MX5 M575M 16gb version
My camera is not working
My front camera is not working at all and my front camera is upside down
I tried reinstalling firmware factory reseting everything
I dont know what to do
When i press the button for changing cameras nothing happens
Please help


@Kelam23 Hey, that sucks.

Did you get the phone lik ethis? What firmware are you on? Where did you get the phone from?

No my phone was working fine.
Local store in croatia.
Now i tried with beta
The thing is when i got him i accidentally spilled just few drops on water on him and that was the first time camera stopped working. After few days it started working fin for few hours then again not working at all so after about two weeks it started working normal borh front and back but after 2-3 days i was using camera a lot and phone just restarted and back camera not working front camera upside down. Then today even that upside down front camera stopped working but with reseting and new firmware its again working but still upside down…
Im thinik about returning it to the store but i think its just something software because it sometimes working and sometimes not…


@Kelam23 What I write now, might not help, but you can try the basic things to get the water out.
like here:

Would you be motivated to take your phone apart?

Bro thanks but two months have passed since the water was spilled so im quite sure there is no water inside.
I dont have any other problems except camera.
Not yet i just wanted to see if there is anything else i could do.
I will firt send it to the store and if they say its not in the warranty then i will take it apart.
But say what you had in mind?


@Kelam23 If you don’t tell em that you spilled water, they might help, hopefully :) well two months is long past.

@Ultrametric Hahahah im not crazy to tell them.
I just hope there are no those water markers inside…

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